One of the surely most attractive features of windows 7 is that its going to get software support and the developers across the whole world are ready to build software, themes and games for it. Even-though many features where derived from Vista itself, The themes feature of windows 7 is rather more attractive than the Vista / XP. The multiple background, Easiness in styling, custom icons etc helps the designers to completely makeover the face of your windows 7 computer with a simple theme.This post is for those people who like to customize and style their awesome looking windows 7 and make it more fabulous. The vast library of stylish and attractive themes are surely a great advantage of windows 7.  Since our old list of the 25 Most beautiful windows 7 themes have been a hit, We have been getting many request from our readers to create another similar list, which contains the most beautiful and awesome ‘3D themes only’ for windows 7. I wondered what’s special about 3d  themes. I figured it out when I got some more mails terming “LAPTOP themes”. People asks for HD themes, 3D themes and what they want is custom themes for their laptops.
Before starting, Once again let me remind you – These are the Best 3d Themes for windows as per me ! I’m not claiming these are the only good looking windows 7 themes, There are many other stunning themes for the same – This is just a list prepared by me ! Don’t come to eat me if you see anything better than this 🙂 😛 , Instead you may share them here too.
  1. Mitsubishi EVO Windows 7 Theme :
No words for this one ! This one Just Remake your PC and Changes everything into a new 3D  look. Not just the desktop – It changes the menus, explorer, icons, cursor …… everything. Perfect for auto lovers and Guys !! You can download it Here

2.. 3d world theme for windows 7 ;
A great and marvelous 3D theme for your desktop. May be one of the most stunning and awesome desktop themes ever. I really like it and is a greeny 3D and marvelous fit for your Desktop. Perfect for all kind of neat and clean desktops. Download it here

3... Cheetah Theme for windows 7;
This theme include only one image, But yet this 3D Cheetah can make your jaws drop to the floor ! Very stunning and unique theme that claims the power of graphics and art. You can download it here

 4...3D abstract windows 7 theme:

It’s simply an ultimate bunch of 3D themes …. This one contains many 3D and eye grabbing designs that could turn your PC’s desktop into a marvelous eye killer. You can get the collection here

5... Car Scape windows 7 theme:
Not simply a car … It’s a 3D desktop that impress anyone. Ultra cool option for motor lovers and guys who want to speed up their desktops. You can download it here

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